Inheritance-related Services
  Testamentary Trust
Flow of testamentary trust services
Advance consultation for testament
Safekeeping of testament
Execution of will
After inheritance has occurred, Yamada Escrow and Trust implements the distribution of inheritance, etc., as the will executor based on testament.
In addition, we provide monetary trust that prepares various inheritance expenses in advance. For instance, we are providing services to respond to such needs as “I want to prepare in advance my funeral costs and the funds for compensation for tax accountant of tax return, and inheritance tax payment, etc., myself, and to deposit the funds under trust. I don’t want my family to worry about money”.
( Basic Scheme )
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Flow of distribution service of inheritance
Advance consultation for inheritance and distribution of inheritance
Conclusion of entrustment agreement on distribution of inheritance
Representative of heirs is decided.
Preparation of list of inherited properties
We keep documents such as real estate deed, pass book and certificate of deposits, and securities, etc.
Advisory on distribution of inheritance
Implementation of distribution of inheritance
Transfer of real estate deed, deposits, and share certificate is implemented based on agreement on distribution of inheritance.
( Basic Scheme )
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