Various Escrow Services
Escrow of Loan Proceeds Management
  In extending mortgage finance, scheduled loan proceeds are retained in Yamada Escrow and Trust, which are delivered when the situation in which mortgage registration is definitely ensured.
Escrow of Deposits Management
  When the lawyers and judicial scriveners, etc., accept a deposit of debt-workout money, etc., Yamada Escrow and Trust secures the deposit and provides the service of detailed debits and credits management for each client or transaction after credit-workout money is directly transferred to the repeatedly usable escrow account opened by Yamada Escrow and Trust until the deposit is released based on the payment instructions.
Escrow of Movable Property Sales
  To secure a transaction in which there is a time gap between the delivery of property, or setting-up of property rights, and settlement of funds.
(Example: In case of funds settlement of a sale of a Panamanian registry ship in Japan, sales proceeds are entrusted to Yamada Escrow and Trust at the same time of the conclusion of a agreement in Japan, and the registration is filed at night of the same day in Japanese time, and funds are settled the following day).
Escrow of Receivables Sales
  For example, in a loan receivable sales, etc., if mortgage settlement and registration or consent of the obligor is necessary, funds are entrusted to Yamada Escrow and Trust, which are delivered when the completion of registration for transfer of creditor is confirmed.
Escrow of Rent Guarantee
  When a rent compensation agreement is concluded in a sales of commercial facilities, etc., the seller entrust the rent guarantee money to Yamada Escrow and Trust, and the funds are released after the settlement of assumed compensation rents, and actual rents paid on the designated date.
(If the actual rents are smaller than the assumed compensation rents, the difference is paid to the buyer and the remaining amount is repaid to the seller).
Escrow of Objection Deposit by Creditor
  A deposit is entrusted and retained at Yamada Escrow and Trust for the objection raised by creditor in regard to a company's capital reduction, etc., in accordance with the Company Law.
Escrow of Advance Money
  The entrance guarantee money received from a resident of pay nursing home, etc., is entrusted to Yamada Escrow and Trust, and the advance money deposited under the Elder Law, Article 14-4 and 14-29 are secured.
Escrow of Funds for Various Costs for Inheritance
  Funds for funeral costs, compensation for tax accountant, and inheritance tax payment, etc., arising from inheritance are entrusted to Yamada Escrow and Trust in advance and separately managed.
Escrow of Bid Bond Money
  In case sale of real estate is conducted by a competitive bidding method, bid bond money is entrusted to restrict to those parties that sincerely wish to purchase only, and is safely kept until bid opening date.
Escrow of Reconstruction of Condominium
  Sales proceeds to be paid to the former condominium owners by the developers, etc. are retained by Yamada Escrow and Trust until the closing of the sales agreement of new condominium to enhance safe and smooth reconstruction operation of condominium.